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Year 5

On this page, you will see the spiritual development of pupils in Year 5 as we celebrate all the elements of Catholic Life and Religious Education. You will find photographs and examples of RE work the children have completed.

Collective Worship and Prayer Focus

Our Liturgy Leaders,  support us with our spiritual life; they monitor our prayer focus, encourage us with our virtues nominations and plan and deliver prayer services. We love any opportunity to have our class Collective Worship in our Prayer Garden. We held a prayer service for Palm Sunday in the prayer garden. Firstly, each of us painted a palm branch on a stone, and recorded some of the praises called out to Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem. During our collective worship, we asked Jesus to show us how to welcome Him into our lives. We placed our stones in the Prayer Garden as an offering whilst reflecting on thought-provoking questions: How would you welcome Jesus if he arrived here today? How can we welcome Jesus into our lives?

I Wonder Board

In Year 5, we are encouraged to question our faith and we record on our ‘I Wonder’ board. We recognise that part of our Catholic faith is accepting that we are unable to answer some questions. Although we ask Fr Michael in to see if he can answer any of the questions we have, sometimes even he cannot.

Religious Artwork

We love to express our faith through our artwork. Have a look at some of our stunning pieces below.

RE Work

In Year 5, the work produced is always thoughtful and beautifully presented. We explore the Word of the Lord through a range of different activities: interpreting bible passages, researching the life and work of saints, creative writing, visual art and drama activities.

Big Brown Book

Sometimes, we complete whole class activities and we display these in our Big Brown Book.


At St John the Baptist, we know that it is important to extend our thinking and challenge parts of our faith and Jesus’ teaching that are difficult understand.