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Year 1

On this page you will see examples of our collective worship sessions, our I wonder book and our wonderful Religious Education work carried out within our daily school life in Year One.

Our virtues for this academic year are....

  • Compassionate and Loving
  • Faith-Filled and Hopeful
  • Eloquent and Truthful
  • Learned and Wise
  • Curious and Active
  • Intentional and Prophetic


Each Half Term we focus on our Gospel virtues. We work hard to demonstrate and celebrate them and they become an integral part of our every day school life, collective worships sessions, RE lessons and whole school assemblies. Linked to our half term virtue, a certificate is presented to a child who has been identified as demonstrating the virtue in our weekly celebration assembly.

Collective Worship

Imbedded into our daily life at St. John the Baptist School is collective worship. Collective worship is a time where we reflect as a class. During this time the children share in prayer, listen and respond to bible stories, celebrate the gifts and talents God has given us, meditate and reflect on how they can use the word of God in their own lives. 

Our daily class monitors prepare the focal point and lead the class in our daily prayers.

Throughout the teaching and exploration of Catholic teaching within Year One, there are opportunities for children to ask or answer 'I Wonder...' questions. ‘I wonder…’ questions focus on the children’s own and others’ feelings, experiences and things that matter to them and also relate to the areas of study. This enables children to understand that, within faith, some questions can be difficult to answer.

Over the year we learn lots of topics in our R.E lessons:

  • Creation
  • Families and Celebrations
  • Prayer
  • Advent
  • Christmas
  • Jesus Teacher and Healer
  • Forgiveness
  • Lent

Here are some examples of the children's work: