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School Improvement Plan

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

What is the school doing to improve outcomes for our children?

A Parents’ Guide to our School Improvement Plan 2023/2024

Our school’s performance is assessed under 5 headings:

  • RE, Prayer and Liturgy and the Catholic Life and Mission of the School
  • Quality of Education
  • Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership and Management

We constantly evaluate how well we are doing in these areas and collect evidence from all stakeholders. We gather information through our monitoring and evaluation, questionnaires and review our SDP at several points throughout the year. The governors are responsible for agreeing to the priorities and ensuring that each plan is implemented.

What are our priorities?

RE and the Catholic Life of the School

We are working to:

To respond fully to the recommendations from our most recent CSI inspection, working towards an outstanding judgement in at least 'Catholic Life' and 'Prayer and Liturgy.' We also aim to increase our focus on Catholic Social Teachings; threading them through our whole curriculum and planning a focus on each across the year.

Quality of Education

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation - To improve and embed outstanding teaching of grammar, spelling and punctuation throughout school, ensuring end of key stage results are at least inline with national achievement.

Reading – To ensure that , in line with the updated Reading Framework 2023 recommendations, all staff receive the necessary support and resources to embed excellent reading practice, enabling all children to be competent readers.

Behaviour and Attitudes

Attendance - To embed the Five Foundations of Attendance, with the aim of achieving 96% overall attendance.

Personal Development

Fully implement our MAC Children’s Charter, making links to our virtues, and Catholic Social Teachings to develop character education and SMSVC.

Leadership and Management

Ensure our curriculum provision is effectively adapted to enable focus groups to make good progress.