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St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School

We will prepare the way by loving, living and learning with the Lord

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School Development Plan

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

What is the school doing to improve outcomes for our children?

A Parents’ Guide to our School Development Plan 2021/2022

Our school’s performance is assessed under 5 headings

  • RE, Collective Worship and the Catholic Life of the School
  • Quality of Education
  • Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership and Management

We constantly evaluate how well we are doing in these areas and collect evidence from all stakeholders. We gather information through our monitoring and evaluation, questionnaires and review our SDP at several points through the year. The governors are responsible for agreeing the priorities and ensuring that each plan is implemented.

What are our priorities?

RE and the Catholic Life of the School

We are working to:

  • Ensure that our RE curriculum reflects the correct pitch and level of challenge as it progresses through the school
  • To write an updated RE SEF considering the new CSI Framework
  • Ensure a clear focus on Catholic Social Teaching making overt links during our mission weeks but also making regular links across our curriculum.
  • To develop a wider Catholic Life team to ensure our faith permeates all areas of school.
  • Embed Godly Play across the whole school to deepen children’s understanding of scripture and broaden their religious vocabulary.
  • Pupils to learn a broader range of traditional prayers.
  • Embed ‘Ten Ten’ resources to further enhance collective worship and RSHE.
  • To renew a focus on the saints – introducing new class saints, establishing saint’s trees, introducing saints afternoons.

Quality of Education

  • To ensure a fully planned recovery curriculum is in place which is designed to give all pupils, particularly disadvantaged and SEND, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.
  • Implement strategies to improve early writing including ‘Squiggle While You Wiggle’ and 'Kinetic Letters'.
  • Redevelop our EY outdoor area, including opportunities for climbing and gross motor development.
  • Implement new ‘Sounds-Write’ phonics programme in EY and KS1 and develop a phonetic approach to the teaching of spelling across KS2.
  • Launch ‘St John’s Year of Reading’ and implement Accelerated Reader and MyOn to incentivise reading.
  • Improve assessment of reading and accuracy of matching reading resources to ability by introducing Star Reader assessments and reorganising our library in to zones of proximal development
  • Improve assessment systems by implementing FFT Aspire for target setting and recording of all assessments across the year.
  • Enhance the teaching of Maths by introducing Power Maths and assess more regularly using Power Maths and Star Maths adaptive assessments.
  • Ensure same day catch up is in place for all NC year groups
  • Embed strategies which develop retrieval and retention of learning 
  • Redevelop our DT room to enable greater creativity across our curriculum.
  • Introduce a new Computing curriculum to meet changes and to build on skills acquired during remote learning.
  • Fully embed new approach to the teaching of PE – ‘Heart, Head, Hands’

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Fully implement our new Behaviour Regulation Policy – (social payback/ economic impact)
  • Develop children’s experience of social action by providing real and meaningful opportunities and making links to Catholic Social Teaching in RE.
  • Ensure the setting of clear routines and expectations for the behaviour of pupils across all aspects of school life, not just in the classroom -  increase the role of Head Boy/ Girl and House Captains.)
  • Continue a strong focus on attendance and punctuality so that disruption to learning is minimised.
  • Develop more motivated and positive attitudes to learning – Kagan/ Project 21.
  • Research and develop our understanding of metacognition and the avoidance of cognitive overload – impacting on teaching strategies and learning environments. (introduce Power Maths characters to increase children’s awareness.)
  • Monitor the behaviour and attendance of pupils closely with particular needs to diminish any negative impact on learning.
  • Redevelop our allotment area into a Well-Being Garden
  • Reintroduce our Forest Area and aim to train a staff member in Forest Schools.

Personal Development

  • Trial the use of the MAC Children’s Charter, making links to our virtues, to develop character education and SMSVC.
  • Focus on social action and social payback to enable children to understand that collectively we can make a difference.(Explore potential of working with other schools in the MAC)
  • Enable pupils to recognise online and offline risks to their well-being and make them aware of support available to them. – continue to benefit from E-Cadets initiative.
  • Develop and deepen children’s understanding of the fundamental British Values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance.
  • Develop pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy (embed the ‘Daily Mile’), eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle, including giving ample opportunities for pupils to be active during the school day and through extra- curricular activities.
  • Develop pupils’ age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships through appropriate RSE education through ‘Ten Ten Life to the Full.’

Leadership and Management

  • Leaders to focus on the provision of a coherent recovery curriculum.
  • Introduce new Pupil Premium Strategy format based on prior research and EEF recommendations.
  • Ensure that continuing professional development for staff is aligned with the SDP and curriculum needs.
  • Improve accuracy of target setting through the introduction of FFT and close monitoring of half termly assessments.
  • Ensure subject leaders are fully accountable and have a deep knowledge of subject knowledge and skill progression in their area/s of responsibility.
  • Develop the use of Microsoft Teams to improve communication and subject leadership.
  • Using FFT and new assessments, ensure class teachers are fully accountable for achievement and standards in their class.
  • Ensure our governing body is strengthened and those who are governors clearly understand their respective roles.
  • HT to achieve additional MAC PM objective
  • Seek opportunities for collaboration, professional development and succession planning opportunities within the MAC.