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St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School

We will prepare the way by loving, living and learning with the Lord

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School Development Plan

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

What is the school doing to improve outcomes for our children?

A Parents’ Guide to our School Development Plan 2022/2023

Our school’s performance is assessed under 5 headings

  • RE, Collective Worship and the Catholic Life and Mission of the School
  • Quality of Education
  • Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership and Management

We constantly evaluate how well we are doing in these areas and collect evidence from all stakeholders. We gather information through our monitoring and evaluation, questionnaires and review our SDP at several points through the year. The governors are responsible for agreeing the priorities and ensuring that each plan is implemented.

What are our priorities?

RE and the Catholic Life of the School

We are working to:

To ensure that our school is offering excellent provision in RE, Catholic Life and Mission and Collective worship and therefore being ready for a S48 inspection under the new CSI framework.

Quality of Education

Maths - To ensure that staff are equipped to provide high quality teaching so that end of year and particularly end of key stage results for 2023 are at least in line with national data.

Reading – To ensure that all staff receive the necessary support and resources to embed excellent reading practice, enabling all children to catch up and keep up.

Writing -  To ensure complete consistency of practice across the school in order to raise standards, both in terms of data and quality of worked produced.

Behaviour and Attitudes

Attendance - To introduce the Five Foundations of Attendance, a child centred approach that aims to ensure connectivity, with the aim of increasing attendance to at least pre-Covid levels.

Personal Development

  • Fully implement our MAC Children’s Charter, making links to our virtues, to develop character education and SMSVC.

Leadership and Management

  • Ensure that continuing professional development for staff is aligned with the SDP and curriculum needs.
  • Ensure subject leaders are fully accountable and have a deep knowledge of subject knowledge and skill progression in their area/s of responsibility.