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St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School

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Playground Pals and Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators are trained pupils from Year 5 who are available to help pupils at lunchtimes.  Mediation is the term used to describe a ‘go between’ to help children who are in conflict to find a way of settling their differences. Peer Mediators offer to help and support other children in finding peaceful resolutions to any problems that they may have.  It gives the children an opportunity to be more independent and solve conflicts in a mature responsible manner.

Peer Mediators DO NOT:

  • Replace the existing ways we have of managing disputes in school. It’s an extra layer of support for the children.
  • Break up fights or deal with bullying incidents.
  • Take sides.
  • Tell other children what to do what to do.

Peer Mediators work in pairs during lunchtime.  There is a weekly rota displayed in Y5 classroom and the children wear a peer mediator cap to show they are on duty. Mediation sessions are held in the Rainbow room and a member of staff is available to support if needed.


Playground Pals

Playground Pals are an important part of our school life. Children from Year 5 volunteer to be a Playground Pal and are responsible for organising games and activities for other children to take part in at lunchtime. They make sure that any children who sometimes can’t find anyone to play with have the opportunity to join in with their games. They also support the Peer Mediators with any conflicts that happen between children.  Playground Pals wear blue caps when they are on duty.

Both Peer Mediators and Playground Pals receive support from Mrs Dixon and Mrs Blundell.

Being a Playground Pal and a Peer Mediator is a good way to:

  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Show a caring attitude towards each other
  • Develop a sense of responsibility by helping others improve playtimes
  • Grow emotionally when offered responsibility

Well done to all our Playground Pals and Peer Mediators – keep up the good work!