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Inspection & Standards

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'St John the Baptist is a friendly and welcoming school, where pupils feel a strong sense of belonging. Staff know pupils and their families well and help to ensure that the school’s values run through every aspect of school life' Ofsted 2024

'Leaders have high expectations and pupils rise to meet them. Leaders want pupils to enjoy school, love learning and achieve so they can contribute to and access all that modern Britain offers' Ofsted 2024

'The provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is a strength of the school. Pupils say that it is ‘okay to be different’ and everyone treats each other with respect Ofsted 2024

'Staff manage behaviour effectively. Positive relationships are at the centre of everything that the school does' Ofsted 2024

'There is great emphasis on developing pupils’ learning beyond the academic curriculum' Ofsted 2024

'The children’s charter, alongside the Catholic virtues, support an exceptional programme of character development. Staff work on ensuring pupils grow as compassionate and curious individuals who are prepared to take risks and accept responsibility for their community' Ofsted 2024

'There is a strong sense of community, evident in the lived-out mission of the school and the quality of relationships.' CSI 2022

'The school is very committed to the pastoral care of all pupils. Pupils are well cared for and nurtured; they respond positively, respectfully and with a high standard of behaviour.' CSI 2022

'Children in Early Years are encouraged to be curious, creative and confident individuals. these attributes stay with pupils as they move through the school' Ofsted 2018

'Policies and procedures are carefully designed to ensure that all staff understand the Head teacher’s vision and, as a result, there is consistency in understanding and provision across the school.' CSI 2022

'Pupils approach religious education lessons with interest and enthusiasm, leading to exemplary levels of behaviour. They are engaged in the learning process and can answer teachers’ questions and ask good questions, enhancing their learning.' CSI 2022

'Governors take pride in their roles and are committed to their responsibilities.' CSI 2022

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