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Computing in EYFS

Even though Computing is no longer mentioned in the new Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework we at St John's still feel it is important to provide our Early Years children with opportunities to explore and use technology to solve problems and be creative. We offer children experiences that will support their learning as they move in to Year 1.

As in all areas of learning we support children in a play based approach and computing in the Early Years is no different. We work in a cross curricular way and use all areas of learning to support children in their  journey. Some examples of what technology in the Early Years looks like can be:

  • Playing games on an interactive whiteboard
  • Taking a photo on a camera or ipad
  • Using talking clipboards to record our sentences
  • Learning about directions with Beebots
  • Using real or role play equipment such as mobile phones, microwaves, tills etc..
  • Using the Internet to search for information 
  • Listening to and making music 
  • Using voice recorders to share our thoughts or ideas
  • Using paint programmes to be creative
  • Reading stories to help us stay safe online 

We feel that by allowing children the opportunities to explore technology through their play and adults being their to support and introduce learning and vocabulary  will help the children become more familiar with technology and develop their computational thinking which will prepare them as they move forward in to KS1.